About Us – Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

About Us

About Us - Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri
Dog Gone Waterproofing is a local crawl space and basement waterproofing company in Springfield, Missouri that was founded by James Stevens. James is also the owner of Dog Gone Mold and Dog Gone Junk.

Dog Gone Mold has been serving the Ozarks since 2014. They have performed mold remediation on nearly 2,000 homes throughout the area and take great pride in their excellent reputation and reviews that highlight their "go the extra mile" performance and customer service.

The team at Dog Gone Waterproofing is bringing that same level of expertise and commitment to customer service to their waterproofing business.

Over the years, James noticed that many of the homes they worked on needed waterproofing services in addition to mold remediation. Water causes mold. So their mold removal team deals with waterproofing issues on a regular basis.

Over the years with extensive training, learning, and practice, the team at Dog Gone Mold has been mastering their waterproofing skills to help protect their mold clients from having future water and mold issues.

If the problem is dealt with quickly enough, some homes might need help with their crawl space and basement waterproofing, but they may not have any mold problems yet.

With this ever growing need for homes that need crawl space and basement waterproofing services, Dog Gone Waterproofing was born.

If your home has a chronic flooding or water issue every time it rains, lots of bad things can happen to the structure of the home, as well as your belongings.

Mold, wood rot, insects, termites, and foul odors are just a few of the ways that your home can become damaged and unhealthy to live in over time if these water issues aren't addressed.

There's also the possibility of structural damage to your foundation, cracks in walls from foundation shifts, or a flooded basement ruining carpet, furniture, drywall, flooring and other building materials.

Most water damage is caused by water getting into and around your foundation. Dog Gone Waterproofing is here to prevent that from happening.

Our certified crawl space and basement waterproofing specialists can give you a detailed plan on how to stop water issues around your home and prevent all the damage that can come with those water issues.

We provide all of our clients with all of our qualifications, certifications, licenses, insurances, and references so you know we are who we say we are. We are so confident that we can solve your water issues that we even do free checkups on our work.

We give limited LIFETIME warranties for every crawl space and basement waterproofing job we complete and we offer extended maintenance plans as well.

If you've asked around and heard good things about Dog Gone Mold, we're confident that you're going to love working with Dog Gone Waterproofing.

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