Why Hire Us For Your Wet Basement Solutions in Springfield Missouri

Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us For Your Wet Basement Solutions in Springfield Missouri
When deciding who to hire for waterproofing services in Springfield Missouri, there are many important things to consider. Your home is your biggest investment, so you want to make sure that the waterproofing company you hire is properly and specifically trained to perform waterproofing to protect your home and your family.

Certifications and training are especially important in the waterproofing industry. Without them, how can you be certain that the company performing these waterproofing services really knows what they are doing? Not only to assess your water leak issues, or extract water from your home, but to come up with the best wet basement solutions to prevent those issues from happening again in the future.

Dog Gone Waterproofing is certified in Waterproofing installations and services. Our sister business Dog Gone Mold is a Certified Mold Inspection and Certified Mold Remediation Contracting company.

If your water issues have also caused you to have mold issues, then we can make sure you get taken care of all the way around. Not only will Dog Gone Waterproofing be able to detect any potential water issues you may have, but we can have Dog Gone Mold’s Certified Mold Inspectors detect if you need any additional help with mold remediation.

Dog Gone Waterproofing’s Certified Inspectors detect any water issues you may have and come up with a game plan for long term wet basement solutions to solve those water issues once and for all to prevent any future damage to your home.

When Dog Gone Waterproofing sends a crew to your home to perform waterproofing services, we're sending our own employees. Not sub-contractors. This is important to us, because our employees must adhere to Dog Gone Waterproofing’s and the EPA’s high standards.

You can rest assured knowing that our waterproofing company has all the proper insurance coverages to protect you from any kind of accidental property damage that could occur during any services we are providing. Don’t trust your home to a fly by night company that might be there when you call, but won't be there later when you really need them.

If another business out there is willing to cut corners without having the proper insurance coverage to perform waterproofing legally, then what other shortcuts will they take when working on your home?

Dog Gone Waterproofing not only has General Liability Insurance, but we also have Pollution Liability Insurance since occasionally mold is involved with any type of water issues. If you hire another company that does not have Pollution Liability Insurance and something goes wrong, they will not be covered, because General Liability does not cover mold claims. If they aren’t covered, then the homeowner isn’t covered if something were to happen to your home during these services.

Our Workman’s Comp Insurance not only protects our employees, but also the homeowner. If you hire another waterproofing company that does not have Workman’s Comp and someone gets hurt, then you could be held liable. If the injury takes place on your property and the business you've hired isn’t covered, then you could be sued for medical bills, loss of wages from missing work, and maybe more.

Most warranties aren't worth much from other waterproofing companies if they don’t know all the proper steps and guidelines to properly mitigate a water issue at your home or business, because they likely won’t honor those warranties anyway. But it does mean something when a certified waterproofing company trusts their work enough to give you a true warranty on something as unpredictable as water and moisture.

Dog Gone Waterproofing offers limited LIFETIME warranties on all work performed and additional extended maintenance plans are also available. If we mitigate your water problem and fix the potential moisture sources and you are still having problems, we will come back and figure it out at no cost to you. So you can rest assured that we will do the job right the first time.

Before any waterproofing services are performed, Dog Gone Waterproofing gives you a detailed in-person estimate of what work needs to be done on your home. Our inspectors spell out the specific processes that we would take to mitigate your water problems and keep them from coming back. Each estimate/assessment is made specifically for your home and your situation, because every home is different and every home has different potential moisture sources causing your water issues.

Everything needed to mitigate your water problem and fix all potential moisture sources is explained, so you are never left guessing what needs to be done. You can rest assured that the estimate we give you is how much you are going to pay the vast majority of the time. It is extremely rare that we've had to change an estimate because more damage was uncovered while performing the remediation work, or some impossible to locate water leak was hiding in your home.

On these extremely rare occasions, no additional work will be performed until we explain what additional problems were found and the homeowner agrees to the additional charges. This is extremely rare, because we are very thorough during our initial waterproofing inspection process.

There's a lot to consider when you're deciding who to hire for your wet basement solutions in Springfield Missouri. You should hire Dog Gone Waterproofing, because keeping basements and crawl spaces dry is what we're trained to do and no one else does it better.

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