Crawl Space Waterproofing – Crawlspace Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Crawl Space Waterproofing - Crawlspace Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

A flooded crawl space may go unnoticed for weeks or months. Sometimes even years. Most people rarely visit their crawl spaces, so it’s likely out of sight, out of mind.

But did you know that anywhere from one-third to one-half of the indoor air in your home comes from the lowest level? If your lowest level is a crawl space that is full of mold caused by excess moisture, then that's what you'll be breathing inside your home.

Whatever happens in your crawl space isn’t staying down in your crawl space. If you have water issues in your crawl space, that water is most likely causing other potentially harmful issues that you and your family are going to breathe as it makes its way up into your home.

Left unchecked, these water and moisture issues in your crawl space will eventually cause you issues. It’s not a matter of if, but when these water leak issues will present themselves.

Some of the biggest problems that can result from having excess moisture in your crawl space are mold growth, wood rot, insect and termite infestation.

All of these can be prevented by having the proper crawlspace waterproofing systems in place.

The best place to start protecting your crawl space from water intrusion is from the exterior of your home, around your foundation.

If all of the exterior issues have been addressed and you still have water getting into your crawl space, then further crawlspace waterproofing measures need to be taken.

If you are just having minor moisture issues in your crawl space, then some of those issues can be prevented with a proper vapor barrier installation.

But if you are having major water issues, then you will likely need more waterproofing protection with the installation of a sump pump or a footer tile drain system.

And if you need complete water and moisture protection with many other benefits, you may need a full crawl space encapsulation.

The most important step to keeping your crawl space dry is to have a certified waterproofing specialist assess your home and come up with the best game plan to solve your crawlspace waterproofing needs.

Let Dog Gone Waterproofing and our qualified team of waterproofing experts protect your home and your family’s health.

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