Keep Your Basement Dry With Dehumidifier Installation in Springfield Missouri

Dehumidifier Installations

Keep Your Basement Dry - Dehumidifier Installation in Springfield Missouri

Not every basement needs to have a dehumidifier installed, but a lot of them do. A finished basement with an HVAC system that was properly designed for that space most likely won’t need a dehumidifier unless you just don’t run your HVAC often enough.

But an unfinished basement that is showing signs of damp or wet walls and floors, or musty smells and mold growth definitely needs to have a dehumidifier installed.

Choosing the right dehumidifier is an important part of solving any humidity issues in your basement and preventing things such as mold growth, wood rot, efflorescence, condensation issues, and peeling paint.

You'll want to install a dehumidifier with enough moisture removal capacity for your specific basement. If you have a 500 sq ft basement, you don’t want a dehumidifier that only works for a 300 sq ft area.

You'll also want to install a dehumidifier that has automatic self-drainage so you aren’t manually having to empty a bucket every two hours to ensure proper functionality.

The ideal dehumidifier is very low maintenance. You just need to set the humidistat on your dehumidifier between 35-55% and anytime your humidity levels get above that setting, it will automatically kick on and drain any excess moisture it’s pulling out of the air, so you don’t have to.

If you try to cut corners and go with a dehumidifier that has a drainage bucket, then you’ll have to empty that bucket constantly or your dehumidifier will shut off when the bucket gets full.

If you don't go into your unfinished basement very often, your dehumidifier bucket could be full and the dehumidifier isn't running when it needs to for a long period of time. Out of sight is out of mind and you'll likely end up defeating the purpose of even having a dehumidifier.

Dog Gone Waterproofing will take care of the ideal dehumidifier installation for you with the proper moisture removal capacity and an automatic drainage system to prevent your humidity levels from ever getting to a dangerous level.

There are two ways water can be drained from your dehumidifier automatically. Flowing downhill via gravity or with a condensation pump. Depending on your basement and what you use it for, you may prefer one option over the other.

Hooking a hose up to your dehumidifier and having it drain to a nearby drain is one way, although not necessarily an aesthetically pleasing way. Not much of an issue for an unfinished basement that you mostly use for storage, but if you use your basement often, then you probably don’t want a dehumidifier elevated enough that a hose lying on the floor can drain water.

The most efficient way to have your dehumidifier drain automatically is to have a condensation pump, so the water flowing downhill doesn’t have to play a part causing an unsightly setup. A condensation pump can discreetly pump the water outside of your home, to a nearby sump pump or drainage system and it can be installed in higher visibility areas since it's much more visually appealing.

No matter what kind of dehumidifier or drainage system your home needs, Dog Gone Waterproofing can make sure you get the best solution for your home and install an efficient, low maintenance system.

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