Sump Pump Installations – Basement Drainage System in Springfield Missouri

Basement Sump Pump Installations

Sump Pump Installations - Basement Drainage System Springfield MO

When your basement floods, your world gets turned upside down. Ruined carpet, drywall, baseboards, and so on. Finding the best solution to keep water out of your basement can be difficult. You need to choose a waterproofing company you can trust to keep your basement dry no matter how much rain you get.

Is a sump pump the ideal basement drainage system for every home? Not necessarily. Not every basement has significant water issues that require the use of a sump pump, but many home owners with basements choose to add this level of protection for peace of mind. Not all basements have enough actual water getting in to require installing a sump pump or footer tile drain system, but it’s never a bad idea to explore these options just in case.

If water is getting in your basement on a consistent basis, there are many ways to protect your basement from the outside. These options should be explored first to determine if a sump pump is truly necessary.

Some of these initial options to consider include extending your downspouts or having them direct buried to a pop up drain that is further out in your yard, adjusting or installing window wells around any basement windows or egress windows, fixing the grading around the foundation to flow water away instead of towards the foundation, removing mulch beds that are up against the foundation, and making sure sprinkler heads are not leaking or spraying water on the home. All of these options help keep water away from the foundation, which in turn can keep it out of your basement.

But if you’ve exhausted these other waterproofing options and you are still getting water in your basement, then it's time to explore installing a sump pump or a footer drain system to extract the water that's getting into your basement and pump it outside of your foundation.

There’s more involved with a basement sump pump installation than there is when installing a sump pump in a crawl space. Most basement floors are concrete, so we'll need to use either a sledgehammer or jackhammer to penetrate the masonry before we start digging.

Dog Gone Waterproofing does not take any shortcuts when it comes to keeping water out of your basement. Any additional wiring or outlets that are necessary for your sump pump are installed by a qualified electrician, so your basement drainage system always has the necessary power that it needs.

We install a high output sump pump, a high density sump basin and we connect the pump to a discharge line with a pop-up emitter and equip it with an ice relief discharge. Installing your drain lines properly is an important step in getting all the water out of your basement and dispersed well out into your yard, or near the curb, so that water doesn’t flow back into your basement.

A lot of detail goes into each of these steps to ensure that water will no longer cause problems in your basement.

The sump pump itself is a fairly simple mechanical device, but installing a basement sump pump system effectively requires an experienced waterproofing company with the knowledge of why you are installing it and making sure your basement drainage system works properly to get all of the water out of your basement and keep it out.

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