Direct Buried Downspout Extensions – Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

Direct Buried Downspout Extensions

Direct Buried Downspout Extensions - Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri
When trying to keep water out of your basement, one of the first exterior basement waterproofing solutions we recommend is to extend your downspouts. When rain water comes off your roof and flows into your guttering system, it goes down your downspouts and comes out around your home.

If your downspouts are not extended far enough away from the house, all of that rain water just pools up next to your foundation, which can cause problems. When that water seeps into the ground, if there are any cracks in your foundation, that water will find its way into your home.

Preventing a leaky basement can be as simple as buying downspout extensions and having them installed. This will flow the water away from your foundation an additional three to six feet and can definitely help.

But an even better way, that is more aesthetically pleasing and effective is to have your downspout extensions buried so your extensions don’t sit on top of the ground.

Not only are above ground downspout extensions a hassle when you are mowing your lawn because they have to constantly be moved, but they take away some of the curb appeal of your home. And they don't take the water as far away from your foundation as having the extensions buried under ground.

When you hire Dog Gone Waterproofing to direct bury your downspout extensions, we start by calling Dig Rite so we can make sure it’s safe to dig in your yard. Not only is it against the law to dig before getting your utility lines marked, but it’s unsafe.

Gas, water, telephone, sewer, cable, internet and electric lines are sometimes only an inch or two below the ground's surface and those lines can be anywhere.

After making sure we know where it’s safe to dig in your yard, our exterior waterproofing crew will do all the necessary digging to make sure that the water that comes off your roof goes far away from your foundation.

High quality pipe is installed from your downspouts to a pop-up emitter that will act as the discharge point of your exterior basement waterproofing system. Opening easily when it rains to allow water to flow freely, then closing back up to protect your exterior basement waterproofing system from debris and rodents.

Having Dog Gone Waterproofing direct bury the downspout extensions around your home is a great way to effectively manage rainwater runoff, while preventing erosion in your yard and providing more curb appeal.

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