Residential Customers – Leaky Basement in Springfield Missouri

Residential Customers

Residential Customers - Leaky Basement in Springfield Missouri

Our residential customers come from all walks of life. We work with families that are homeowners as well as renters, buyers and sellers involved in real estate transactions and everyone in between.

Some have been living in their homes for many years and never had any moisture problems until recently. Some noticed they had a leaky basement after the first big storm when they moved in. No matter what category you fall in, Dog Gone Waterproofing is here to help.

You may wonder how a home that never had a water issue for 20 years can suddenly start to have moisture issues, but there are actually several potential reasons. Over time, the ground shifts and settles. Maybe there's new construction near your house that is causing more storm water runoff. Any of these changes can cause a foundation crack or allow water to intrude into areas where it never did before.

If you experience a leaky basement, don’t ignore it and just hope it was a one-time issue that will go away on it’s own. That's rarely the case. Once water leaks start to happen, ignoring the issue will likely cause much bigger water problems down the road.

If you're a prospective home buyer what is looking to purchase your first home or moving into your dream home, you can't ignore potential water issues. They say that love is blind, but just because this is your “dream home” and the kitchen is perfect in every way, you shouldn’t ignore issues that a home inspector brings up showing signs of water staining in the basement or crawl space.

Before you make a major investment in purchasing a home, you should have your local certified waterproofing specialists take a look to see if these are any issues with water leaks that are going to cause you a very expensive fix down the road.

If ever notice signs of a moisture or water problem after a heavy rain, don’t ignore them. Have the situation assessed so that you won’t have major issues such as wood rot, foundation cracks, mold growth and much more down the road.

We have very effective waterproofing strategies and drainage systems that can keep your former leaky basement bone dry even during heavy rainfalls.

Protect the largest purchase you may ever make, your home, by having Dog Gone Waterproofing assess your drainage and waterproofing needs today.

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