Foundation Crack Filling – Waterproofing Crawl Space in Springfield Missouri

Crawl Space Foundation Crack Filling

Foundation Crack Filling - Waterproofing Crawl Space in Springfield Missouri
Cracks in your foundation can range from minor issues to a really big problem. Cracks can happen to any home, at any time when the soil around your home shifts or settles, or when there is an excess of moisture in the soil around your foundation causing hydrostatic pressure.

What does your home settling or shifting really mean? When moisture is removed from the soil, it shrinks, pulling away from your home. When the soil pulls away from your foundation walls, it creates a gap and allows your foundation to move. When the foundation moves, it can crack.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot, because the soil around homes in the Ozarks can be filled with moisture one moment and dry the next, thanks to our Missouri weather. When the temperature fluctuates between freezing and thawing, concrete expands and contracts, leading to these crawl space foundation cracks.

If there's no water intrusion, then minor cracks in your crawl space are not that big of a deal. If you don’t know whether your crawl space foundation crack could cause you a water issue or not, call Dog Gone Waterproofing for a free crawl space assessment by one of our certified waterproofing specialists.

We can determine whether the crack in your foundation needs attention, or if it’s just a minor issue and there’s nothing to worry about. But you should always get a professional's opinion rather than ignoring it or waiting until there's a major water intrusion problem.

If the cracks in your crawl space need attention, there are a couple of ways to handle it based on your unique situation. Every crawl space is different and every foundation crawl space crack is treated with the best solution for waterproofing your crawl space.

Minor foundation cracks without any water intrusion can most likely be left alone or filled with a sealant. Major foundation cracks may need a foundation repair team to assess the possibility of foundation failure in the future.

Most crawl space foundation cracks that need some kind of repair fall somewhere in the middle.

Depending on what type of waterproofing crawl space solution is necessary, Dog Gone Waterproofing uses different approaches. Epoxy or concrete fillers can be used on crawl space foundation cracks that are needing attention, but aren’t necessarily causing a major problem at this time.

When dealing with a bigger waterproofing crawl space issue, we may need to chisel out the crawl space foundation crack and use a poly injection system.

Your unique waterproofing crawl space situation will determine what process is taken and our certified waterproofing specialists prefer giving you a permanent fix, not a temporary one.

Whatever solution is the best for your situation, our goal is to permanently stop any water intrusion from getting into your crawl space.

Depending on your particular situation, the chosen waterproofing crawl space process will either tie in with a footer tile drain system to take care of water issues you are having, or the crack filling will stand alone, because you have no other major water intrusion issues.

After a thorough assessment by our team, we will determine what your crawl space needs and make sure you have all the information to make your own decision on how to proceed.

The health of your home begins with a solid foundation, so call for a free assessment today.

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