Fix Wet Basement And Install Footer/Weeping Tile in Springfield Missouri

Weeping/Footer Tile Installations

Fix Wet Basement And Install Footer-Weeping Tile in Springfield Missouri

Having water get into your basement every time there's a heavy rain can be a real nightmare. Basements are more likely to have water intrusion than any other part of your home, because they are typically below grade and water flows downhill.

That’s why having experienced waterproofing specialists design and install the proper drainage system for your home is so crucial.

Whether your home is old or new, if you are getting water in your basement on a consistent basis, then you need to have a waterproofing professional come take a look and figure out why.

Maybe your builder made a mistake or tried to cut corners. Some aren’t as experienced with best practices or following proper building codes. The ground around your home could have shifted over time or something a neighbor did that's uphill from your house could have changed where the stormwater runs.

Whatever the reason, if water is in getting into your basement on a consistent basis, then you need to figure out the best solution to make it stop.

If you are getting water in one specific problem area of your basement, then our standard sump pumps and drain installations can be a great fix.

But what do you do when your basement is getting more water than a sump can handle? Or you aren’t exactly sure where the water is getting in? Then installing a weeping tile system might be the best solution to your water intrusion problems.

The first step is to call Dog Gone Waterproofing and let our certified waterproofing specialists assess your home and recommend what type of drainage system your home needs.

If it is determined that a weeping tile Installation, (also know as footer tiles), is the best way to go, then we will get to work and solve your water issues once and for all.

Weeping/Footer tiles are plastic porous pipes with weep holes or small slits designed to redirect water away from your home.

Using jackhammers or saws with concrete blades, we start by cutting out the basement floor around the perimeter of your basement. Next, trenches are dug down to the footer where the footer/weeping tile installation can begin.

Drainage gravel is poured to the bottom of the excavated area. Then the weeping tile/pipe that has a protective sock on it to prevent clogging, will be laid on top of that layer of gravel.

The weeping tile will all be connected together and directed to your sump pump pit. Another layer of gravel will go on top of the footer/weeping tile to further help with drainage and to prevent clogging.

The final step is to install grates to cover up the footer/weeping tile system, or to backfill and replace the concrete floor.

We leave that final decision up to our clients. Both ways have pros and cons to consider and each basement and home is unique. We will walk you through your options so you are confident that you're making the correct choice.

After your footer/weeping tile installation, you will finally have a dry and trouble-free basement. Give us a call at Dog Gone Waterproofing and let us help you determine if installing weeping tile is the best solution for your wet basement.

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