Drain Installations – French Drain in Basement Springfield Missouri

Drain Installations

Drain Installations - French Drain in Basement Springfield Missouri

If you're tired of having your basement flood every time it rains, then you probably need to have some type of drainage system installed in your basement.

Dog Gone Waterproofing offers many options for your basement drainage needs including everything from a standard drain installation to a French Drain in your basement. Every situation is different and we can handle them all.

Here are the most common basement drainage systems that are needed.

Sump pump installations are ideal when there is one particular area of your basement that has water collecting and you need to have that water pumped to the exterior of your home.

Weeping tile installations (otherwise known as footer tiles), are good for protecting your entire basement. This system is installed around the whole perimeter of your basement, not just one select area or corner. This is essentially a French Drain system in your basement that's installed inside your home rather than a traditional French Drain that's installed around the outside of your home.

Sometimes you just need a standard floor drain installation. Ideally, any floor drains you need in your basement were installed during the home's original construction so that the concrete floor has proper grade to get any leaking water into the drain.

Standard floor drains are often installed in a utility room or closet, where your hot water heater and HVAC are located. The floor should be slightly sloped, so if there’s ever a leak in this area, any water will run into the drain and not cause flooding.

Most homes already have at least one floor drain installed, especially in newer homes, because it's pretty much standard in new construction.

The good news is that even if your builder didn’t install a standard floor drain in your basement during the original construction and you need one, then Dog Gone Waterproofing can still get it done.

An area of concrete would need to be jack-hammered and removed and some excavating will need to take place to get the proper slope. But a standard drain installation is still possible and in many cases, that might be all that you need to prevent flooding in your basement.

If you have a basement and you're consistently getting water in it, give Dog Gone Waterproofing a call. We'll start by locating your drains and we'll make sure they are unclogged and working properly.

If you don't have any drains in your basement or if your existing drainage system isn't able to keep your basement dry, then you can count on Dog Gone Waterproofing to install a basement drainage system that will keep your basement dry no matter how much rain we get.

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