Increase Light And Safety With Egress Windows in Springfield Missouri

Egress Window Wells

Increase Light And Safety With Egress Windows in Springfield Missouri
Egress windows serve multiple functions in your basement. They provide more natural light and they can be used as an exit or entry to the basement in case of an emergency. An egress window can be used an escape route if a fire were to break out, or as an entrance for a firefighter.

If you have a bedroom in your basement that is below grade, then an egress window should already be in place, since most local building codes require this. But with any window that is below grade, an egress window can also allow water intrusion if they are not installed correctly, which is why Dog Gone Waterproofing is here for all of your egress window well waterproofing needs.

Dog Gone Waterproofing does not install new egress windows if there was not one before, nor can we install larger windows than the one that already exists since that would require cutting into your foundation.

But we make any adjustments necessary so that your egress window wells are up to par and prevent any water from intruding.

We can make sure that your egress windows are properly sealed, we can do any necessary digging, trenching or gravel work to make sure your window wells are installed properly, or we can install a full egress window well with a ladder and gravel if you don’t have a proper window well in place already.

All egress windows should be periodically checked to protect from water leaks and lost energy. If water can leak in, your indoor air can leak out, causing higher heating or cooling bills.

There are many reasons that we want to make sure your egress windows have the proper seal, but leaking water is the main one. Below grade windows need to have the proper grading or protective wells around them to prevent water intrusion and any bedrooms in the basement need to have a properly installed egress window.

If you have basement or egress windows, but you don’t have the proper egress window wells installed, Dog Gone Waterproofing can install those for you that meet all the necessary requirements and specifications. This will keep your basement protected from water intrusion and still let in more natural light and keep your family safe.

Contact Dog Gone Waterproofing for a free assessment of your basement egress window well needs.

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