Combat Groundwater With Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

Combat Groundwater With Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

If water is getting inside your basement, the first steps to take are to make sure that you’re doing everything you can on the outside of your home to keep the water out.

So we start the exterior waterproofing process by taking a close look at any landscaping around your foundation. You want to make sure your yard is properly graded so the soil and dirt flow water away from your foundation instead of towards it.

Next you should add downspout extensions to prevent rain water from building up next to the foundation and carry it away from your home. You’ll also want adjust any sprinkler heads to make sure they are spraying away from your home rather than toward it.

But once you’ve done everything you can to prevent water intrusion from getting into your basement and if you are still having issues with your basement leaking or taking in water, then it’s time to tackle the problem on the inside of your home with basement waterproofing in Springfield Missouri.

If you have taken all the necessary measures to keep rain water, melted snow and your irrigation system away from the exterior of your home and you are still getting water intrusion, then the water is most likely coming from underground which is also know as groundwater.

Groundwater is the water that is present beneath the Earth’s surface. It exists in saturated zones that are found underground in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand, and rock.

The upper surface of this saturated zone is called the water table. When the water table gets too high, (from excess rain, leaky pipes in the ground, etc.), then this water will start to rise to the surface and can show up in your crawl space or through cracks in your basement.

There is always water somewhere beneath your feet no matter where you live. It’s just closer to the surface in some areas than it is in others.

Groundwater is very common. It is the source of about 40 percent of water used for public consumption and about 39 percent of the water used for agriculture in the United States.

If you live in area with excessive groundwater, how do you stop it from intruding into your home? The simple answer is that you can’t.

But you can get it out of your home as soon as it comes in to prevent the groundwater from causing damage by installing basement waterproofing systems.

You must install a sump pump and a footer/weeping tile drain system in your basement. This collects the ground water before it reaches the surface and pumps it out away from your home so it does not cause you any moisture problems.

If you’re having issues with water getting into your basement, you need to call the water intrusion experts at Dog Gone Waterproofing.

Our qualified inspectors will do a complete inspection of your home, both the exterior and the interior. We will work with you to design the proper basement waterproofing system and come up with a plan to make sure water intrusion doesn’t cause you any more headaches.

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