Hire A Professional To Install Your Sump Pump in Springfield Missouri

Hire A Professional To Install Your Sump Pump in Springfield Missouri

There are many factors at play when dealing with water intrusion. First you want to find out where the water is getting in and how it can be stopped.

Some situations are quite obvious and even someone who is not a trained waterproofing professional can figure it out. A big foundation crack in an exterior wall that has water seeping through doesn’t take much investigative work to figure out, but most water intrusion issues are not that obvious.

Once you’ve identified where your water problems are coming from, properly fixing them so they don’t come back is of the utmost importance.

If you’ve done everything you can on the exterior of your home to keep the water out and you’re still having issues with water intrusion in your crawl space or basement, then a sump pump is a viable option to consider for keeping those areas dry.

But identifying a sump pump as the best solution is only one piece of the puzzle. You need to make sure that a high quality sump pump is installed by a waterproofing professional that you can trust to do the job properly. That’s imperative if you want to make sure that your water issues are going to be resolved from here on out.

Many handymen and homeowners think they’ve solved the water intrusions issues once they’ve installed a sump pump, but if they’re not waterproofing experts, there could still be problems down the line.

We’ve seen sump pumps laid on a crawl space floor, plugged into an extension cord, with a drain line that barely exits the foundation. There’s several reasons why this is a bad idea.

If a sump pump is laying on the floor, then the water in your crawl space would have to be a couple feet high to go over the sump pump to get it to kick on.

When the water pumps out, it will only run until the pump itself is no longer under water. By letting that much water accumulate, you are inviting all the negatives that come with water intrusion such as mold, insects, wood rot, etc.

Plugging your sump pump into an extension cord can be very dangerous in a wet area and not effective when you need it the most.

And if your drain line isn’t long enough, any water that is pumped out won’t be far enough away from your foundation, so that water will get back into your crawl space.

For a professional sump installation, there is a lot of digging involved. You want to dig a deep enough hole to fit a protective sump pump basin to keep the pump clean from mud and debris, so it’s always properly working.

You also want the basin deep enough that it catches water before it gets to the surface whenever possible. This keeps your crawl space or basement dry, with the sump pump working to keep water intrusion at bay.

You want your sump pump on a dedicated outlet, determined by a certified electrician, so you don’t lose power to your pump.

When you hire Dog Gone Waterproofing for your sump pump install, our sump pumps have a battery backup, so a loss of power during a strong thunderstorm won’t allow water intrusion.

The drain line attached to your sump pump needs to exit the foundation and go far enough away from your home to ensure that the water being pumped out of your home doesn’t come right back in.

We dig our sump pump drain lines far away from your home and install a pop up drain, so you won’t have an unsightly pipe laying across the top of your yard.

There’s a lot of expertise involved with our professional sump pump installations. For some homes with serious water intrusion issues, we might also include trenching to direct water to your sump pump pit and backfilling that trenching with gravel.

If want to keep your basement or crawl space dry no matter how much it rains, hire the waterproofing professionals you can trust to properly assess your water intrusion situation, come up with the best solution and perform the installation so these problems don’t come back.

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