Does Efflorescence Require Foundation Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

Does Efflorescence Require Foundation Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri?

Do you have efflorescence on your basement or crawl space walls? It’s fairly common in homes with water issues, but many people don’t know what efflorescence is and if it it’s a problem that requires foundation waterproofing.

When a homeowner stumbles across efflorescence on their basement walls, the first question they probably ask themselves is, “What is this?” And the second question is likely, “Uh oh. Is that mold?”

The answer is kind of good news and bad news. The good news is that no, efflorescence is not mold.

Efflorescence occurs when water moves through concrete and deposits minerals and/or salts on the surface. If you are trying to decide if you have mold growth on your basement walls or if it’s efflorescence, know that to the touch, efflorescence will turn to powder and mold will not.

Both can look white and fuzzy, but efflorescence has more of a powdery and crystalline texture.

But the bad news is that efflorescence is caused by a moisture issue. Most likely by water leaking in, near, or through your concrete or masonry block foundation walls.

The efflorescence itself is usually harmless. It will not hurt your home or your health, but the reason the efflorescence is there, can cause you and your home problems.

Since a leak through your foundation is what’s causing efflorescence on your walls, everything else that a water leak causes puts you and your home at risk.

Flooding, mold growth, water damage to your foundation and to your personal belongings, odors, insects, etc. So consider efflorescence your canary in the coal mine and make stopping whatever water intrusions problems you have a top priority.

Calling a waterproofing specialist to evaluate what is causing your leak and the steps needed to stop it should be #1 on your home’s to do list if you see efflorescence.

Efflorescence forming on your walls is nothing more than mineral and salt deposits. But fixing the problems that are causing efflorescence to form on your basement walls before you have a serious water intrusion issue would be wise.

If you see efflorescence on your basement or crawl space walls, call your Dog Gone Waterproofing specialists to quickly assess and eliminate your water problems.

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