Prevent Leaks With Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

Prevent Leaks With Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Springfield Missouri

Most people enjoy a good thunderstorm. There’s nothing better then curling up on the couch while the rain comes down and watching a movie.

But, it’s hard to enjoy a good soaking rain if your basement floods every time there’s a strong thunderstorm.

The best way to get back to enjoying the rain is to stop any water intrusion into your basement. The first place to start looking for ways to prevent leaks is with exterior basement waterproofing in Springfield Missouri.

Any measures you can take from the outside of your home that will prevent water from ever getting inside to begin with eliminates a lot of the problems at the source.

It’s better for the long-term health of your foundation. Better for your belongings inside that could be damaged if water gets in. And better for the overall health of your home.

Some of the exterior basement waterproofing things to look for that prevent water intrusion from happening would be:


Are your gutters clear of debris and functioning properly? You need water to flow freely so they are getting to the downspouts, so the water gets diverted away from your home.


Are your downspouts extended away from your foundation? The best way to extend your downspouts is to have them direct buried far away from your home, with a pop-up drain installed to keep the water away.

Mulch and Flower Beds

Are your mulch and flower beds against your home absorbing too much moisture and putting pressure on your foundation?

Sprinkler Heads

Is your sprinkler system watering your house and not your grass?


Make sure the grading of your yard is sloped away from your foundation as much as possible to prevent any water pooling next to your home.

Window Wells and Foundation Vent Wells

Do you have window wells and foundation vent wells that are properly installed to keep water away from those areas that are the most vulnerable to water intrusion?

If you’re having problems with water getting inside your basement every time there’s a heavy rain, call the exterior basement waterproofing experts at Dog Gone Waterproofing to provide an inspection and recommend what we’d do to fix the problem if it were our home.

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